Game of Zones: Tool for planing industrial zones

‘Game of Zones’ was developed to convey the technical principles of planning, operating and revitalising an industrial zone/park based on a comprehensive quality criteria of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) rating system for industrial locations. The game was developed for the GIZ’s project in India by the experts from Buro Happold Engineering GmbH and DGNB. (Ref. A unique feature of this gaming kit is that it could be used as a training tool for a variety of audience ranging from decision makers, bureaucrats, and industrial park planners, developers and managers.

The sustainability of industrial areas is defined by the following 6 quality criteria:

  • Ecological quality
  • Economic quality
  • Socio-cultural quality
  • Technical quality
  • Process qualityInnovation quality

Each of the quality criteria has a number of parameters. The game kit has cards in 6 colours, each card for a quality parameter. The parameter is briefly described on the colour card.


To learn about the sustainability concepts, identify synergies across various categories and to discuss the concepts within team and across groups.

Set up:

The required number of participants for this game is 6 playersThe limit should be 30 playersThe players sit around a table with the facilitatorFor each level, the respective icons are selected and put icon-side up in the table


The winner – the team with the most convincing concept - is selected by vote

Game Kit



Industrial Teaching tool : Environment
Industrial Teaching tool : Economical


For what can the game be used?

For envisioning the new industrial park or retrofitting an existing industrial parkFor preparing site master plans for new industrial parksFor preparing retrofitting master plans for existing industrial parksFor training of planners, mangers, developers, bureaucrats etc.For interacting with entrepreneurs and stakeholders to decide on contents of master plans and provision to be made in the industrial park

The Game of Zones was successfully tested in the training programme on “Planning of Green Industrial Parks” which was organised on 16-17 July 2015 at the IL&FS Academy of Applied Development, Mumbai (India). (Ref. Post testing, this game was played at various other events, namely-

The training programme on “Green industrial parks - planning, greening and retrofitting” which was organised on December 15-17, 2015 at Kolkata for the officers of the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) (Ref. )The workshop on “Integration of environmental aspects into planning of new industrial parks” which was organised on May 04-06, 2015 at Vishakhapatnam in cooperation with the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) (Ref.